Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Training Day 3

Very engaging sessions today with Shay, Kathleen, Mary, HD and Paul. Showers with cold water barely dripping from the nozzle head are the norm right now. We are all dreaming of warm showers when we return home. 

We are visited by a couple of young boys below.
Thanks to the Bend -LaPine schools for donating clothing that was very well received by our teacher trainers. 

No one claimed this XXXL shirt but Daisy and Maddie put it to good use. 
The day was capped off with a fantastic dinner at a local bistro with a couple of Jay's local friends. OCity lights from the restaurant

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  1. Did the Rwandans ask why Americans need XXXL t-shirts? Tell them we like roomy sleepwear. Anyway, great job again Team Bend! Gotta run. Time for a hot bath.