Saturday, March 15, 2014

Adventures in Kigali

Yesterday brought some "adventursome" moments in the heart of Kigali city. A 12 passenger taxi took us into downtown to visit the Genocide memorial. Narrowly escaped several collisions with pedestrians, motorbikes, and other cars. It seemed miraculous that we made it at all, given the state of our vehicle: rusted and rickety, I'm sure we left the transmission and the clutch on a street somewhere. And as we pulled out for the evening on our way to dinner, the sliding door lost its glass window pane, shattering as we drove out of the guesthouse. 😦

But we got "most"everywhere we intended to go! The genocide memorial was powerful and sobering. It was hard to imagine as we walked around town that likely many we passed were either victims or perpetrators of vicious attacks. 

For dinner we were treated to an African
buffet by the teacher trainers at IEE. "Feel welcome" is how we are always greeted by these generous, dedicated people. We are all looking forward to collaborating with them in the coming days.

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