Friday, March 14, 2014

school visits and a dilemma

Drove over 90 minutes each way to reach two rural schools today with the last 30 miles on dirt roads.  By the looks that we received as we drove in the backcountry, I don’t think 3 cars of white folks are a familiar site.  We were incredibly well received by both teachers and students.  We broke off into groups, observed lessons and then gave teachers feedback.  They specifically requested constructive criticism as they are eager to improve their practice.  

Rwandan K-5 teachers begin with students at 7 am and their last class ends at 5 pm.  They teach one subject area and run 7 morning sessions and 7 afternoon sessions seeing over 300 hundred students.  They also walk to school anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour each way.  Oh, and they make $50 a month salary.

What would Storyline look like in this situation…..might need to rethink my training session……

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